2009...Here We Come

Since I left so many items un-done on my "34 before 35 list", I'm working on morphing it into a 2009 "to do/resolutions" list. (In my defense I did start the list just a couple of months before my birthday, and I have a hunch that this was something designed to take place over a full 12 months...)

A twist I'm making to the list is to add a few projects that Bryan and I plan to tackle together next year. One of them is to design (together) and build (him) a sort of bunk bed/sleeping fort for the girls and then convert (together) their individual bedrooms into a single sleeping space and a single play space. Right now, we're totally digging that structure above from a 70's decorating book found on apartment therapy.

Also...how cool is this amazing play structure (via ohdeedoh)

I'll try and post the full updated 2009 to do/"resolution" list later this week...

In the meantime, what are some of your goals for the upcoming year?


mary s. said...

I LOVE the idea of combining the girls' room. My friend's girls share a room and playspace...I think it's so great.

I'm working on my resolutions as we speak. There are many...yikes. There's a fine line between being amibitious and setting yourself up for failure! So, I'm picking and choosing carefully :)

Jackie said...

I LOVE that 70's sleeping structure! Much cooler looking than traditional bunk beds. I'm thinking of having my girls share a room when they are a bit older as well.

As for my resolutions, I am also still chipping away at my "27 before 28" list. Another thing I like to do is have a central theme for the entire year, and this year's is "Simplicity".

paula said...

i love this idea. if only my kiddos weren't of opposite sex. as for me i am hoping to make the master somewhere i actually like to be, finish my garden, and tile the kitchen backsplash. my fingers are crossed.

Anonymous said...

love that first one. oh and the fun they will have. my nieces share a room ... and its lots of giggling and talking themselves to sleep.

happy new year, joslyn!


Stephanie said...

When I was a kid & always wished that I could have a sister to share a room with. Bunk beds are a 'must'. They are so much fun!

My resolutions this year are to bring back some of my old self, which has slowly been whittled away with marriage & motherhood, and to get busy doing the stuff I love again. (posted here: http://pinsandneedleshandmade.blogspot.com/2009/01/newness-ends.html)

ps. Love seeing those old 70s rooms!

Anonymous said...

the bunk bed project sounds very exciting :) thats a great picture with an attached mini staircase...so cute!!!

came across Cookie mag's nesting blog and its 2008 house tour countdown...yours is my personal fave :)