Blogger's Favorites -- Melissa Loves

Coffee image via dogmilque's flickr

Happy Friday! This week’s list belongs to one of my favorite bloggers, the incredibly kind and multi-talented* Melissa of the excellent Melissa Loves

*Some of Melissa’s various talents include (in no particular order):

Herewith Melissa’s Favorites. Have a splendid weekend

  1. Coffee! -- It doesn't really matter from where or what kind (although I prefer a cup at home first thing in the morning best) I am not a coffee snob but, I am an addict! It is one of my all time favorite small pleasures.
  2. Baths -- I love to take baths, always have. Maybe because I love the water so much and find it VERY comforting. I don't have special potions, I don't even light candles. I just love the warm water, the warmer the better! (And I adore reading in there…)
  3. Eau de Hadrien by Annick Goutal -- My all time favorite scent....it doesn't last on me though so, I usually use the lotion instead. It reminds me so much of the times my hubby and I have been to Paris together (our favorite city) and our honeymoon.
  4. Paint me Luminous PeaceKeeper Nail Polish -- A new(to me) but, absolute fave nail polish color....it is a sparkly silver but not sheer and it seems to look good on all skin colors( I am super pale so, was afraid it wouldn't look so great on me) I love to wear it on my toes and it makes me happy!
  5. My All Time Favorite Jeans -- Even though I have strayed in the past and have bought more expensive ones (thinking they would be better), I continue to come back to my Gap jeans . They always fit, wear really well and are super comfy. I am particularly fond of the trouser cut ones. In the fall and winter I tend to wear them every single day! :)
  6. Georgianna Koulianos Bracelet -- Joel gave me this when we found out we were pregnant with our first daughter. The sweet and lovely Georgianna Koulianos makes all kinds of lovely jewelry, but this one is very special to me and I never take it off. It has the date of when Elena was born, when we moved into our home, when Tallulah was born, when we lost one of our doggies and then found her!, etc. Every so often Joel adds to it. Also, Georgianna made little silver stones with special words on them for favors at our wedding. So, there is a lot of lovely history for me tied into this bracelet.
  7. Keihls Lip Balm -- Ahhh.....my all time favorite lip soother! I cannot live without this it seems. We have little pots or tubes of it around and especially at night, I must have it on or I can't go to sleep! I guess that is a quirk of mine, having dry lips really bugs me.
  8. Ray Ban Aviators -- These was a recent purchase of mine, I saw them on a friend and fell in love. I don't usually buy expensive sunglasses though, so I guard them with my life! :)Plus, they make me feel cool even though I am a total dork.
  9. My Sweet Little Polar Bear Head by Tamar Mogendorff -- Joel gave this to me for Christmas last year and I was SO excited. I am a big fan of Tamar's and this little gal makes me smile every time I see her! Plus, what is not so clear in my not so great photo is that her crown sparkles! I am a big fan of a little sparkle!
  10. Dogs -- I adore them, always have, always will. This beauty here is our sweet girl Maddie (we adopted her at pet finder) but, I love dogs of all shapes and sizes and usually feel compelled to comment or pet every single one I see! (it is a bit of an obsession I guess) They really get me right in the heart most of the time and recently we had to put two of our elderly gals down, which broke our hearts. But, Maddie is still young and an absolute doll. Everyone who meets her falls in love (she is also very camera shy so it is hard to get a photo of her.)


karey m. said...

coffee and sparkle. two of my very fave things, too!

and melissa...another of my very favorite imaginary friends!

thanks for this, joslyn!


Cindy said...

i love melissa and naturally love everything on her list, too!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh Joslyn! Thank you so very much for this incredibly kind and sweet post! You are an absolute doll! I would like nothing better than to have one of my necklaces on your lovely neck! I really love this feature and am honored to be a part of it, truly!
My cheeks are bright pink from all the sweetness!
(those two ladies above are sweethearts too :)

Mrs.French said...

I love her so much! and you for featuring her on your "Blogger's Favorites"...xo t

The Green Zebra Studio said...

Thank you for the great interview. It made my morning. :-)

Joanna Goddard said...

this is so sweet! i love this!!

Katie Runnels said...

Isn't she the sweetest soul?? Thank you for this interview! She is AmaZing!!

Apt. #34 said...

A fantastic list and a wonderful profile. Thanks for the inspiration!