Blogger’s Favorites – Jeana Sohn

I am a huge fan of artist Jeana Sohn’s work… And her blog documenting her daily life as an artist in L.A. is perfection. Her list really reflects her amazing aesthetic sensibility. I think you’ll love it. I did…

Herewith Jeana’s list. Enjoy and happy Friday!

  1. Antique horse sculptures at Dylan’s house -- I’ve always been wanting something like this for our living room walls.
  2. Succulents -- This photo was taken at Annie's little porch. love the red hanging pot.
  3. Flats - I wear flats all the time coz I love the casual look and can't walk in heels. these are my everyday flats that I bought at Steve Madden for $29 last year.
  4. Vintage little boy's blazer -- You can easily find one of these kid's blazers at a thrift store for like $4 and they fit great.
  5. Fresh angel hair pasta -- I just love fresh tomato, garlic and basil combination. mmmm yum..
  6. Houses with red doors - red doors are so awesome! This lovely house is Heather and Alex’s.
  7. Ocean- who doesn't love ocean? : )
  8. Farmer's market - farmer's market is a fun place to go with my husband on Sundays.


Anonymous said...

those flats are gorgeous! i've got my eye out for the ones that have that strap across the top :)

Anonymous said...

Joslyn, I've been enjoying your lists. I love the antique horses, too.

Julia said...

Delightful! I loved her flats! And couldn't agree more on number 7 :)

Joanna Goddard said...

love the flats!!! steve madden is the secret place to get great flats :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh yes...her work is beautiful(I especially love her painted objects) and her list is lovely. What a great feature!

Nicole said...

this was nice to read. I think your blog is beautiful. my friend jen, of necar & light, was right in saying it was.