Blogger's Favorites -- Cannelle et Vanille (and an update)

We are home from the hospital (they don't keep you very long these days...), and I'm happy to report that things went really well. We're now officially in recovery mode (I've outfitted him with a little bell...he's totally loving this, besides the excruciating pain of course.) Thank you for all your well wishes, comments, e-mails... I am utterly, completely, totally touched. Thank you.

I also had to pop in to post this week's blogger's favorite, as it is really lovely. But that's really no surprise as its owner, Aran is the incredible talent behind the ├╝ber gorgeous food blog cannelle et vanille. A pastry chef, the recipes and the photos (my goodness the incredible photos) on her blog are seriously swoon worthy. .

Herewith Aran's favorites. Have a splendid weekend.
  1. Goji berries -- My snack weakness. I cannot stop myself.
  2. Aduriz Clorofila -- Beautiful recipes and personal stories in this recipe/reference book on flowers and herbs. The cookbook that I would have loved to had written.
  3. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge -- I cannot leave my house without this lip cream. I own about every single color out there.
  4. Eugenia Kim Fedoras -- So cool.
  5. Revol Bakeware -- The most beautiful and functional mini baking dishes.
  6. Sigma Macro Lens -- Makes my pastries come to life.
  7. Hydrangeas -- They make me so happy.
  8. Old Wellies -- My dad’s old wellies by the front door.
  9. Moop Market Bag -- Fits everything I need and most importantly, what my 2 year old needs.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

How wonderful! I love Aran and Cannelle-Vanille and now it's so lovely to find out her favorite things...thank you!

onesilentwinter said...

it is wonderful to see this list! must get some lip cream! She is so talented...
my fav. the wellies- b eing her dads even more special!

nichole said...

Love the lip cream. And if you haven't tried the creamy concealer ... get thee to the makeup counter. Bobbie Brown's creamy concealer and Laura Mercier's Tinted moisturizer = heaven.

have a great weekend!

Helene said...

Great list! I could totally see her in that fedora :)

hogan said...

Love Bobbi Brown !!
hoganfe handmade
handbag originals

karey m. said...

oh dear...these loves are exquisite!

visiting her right. now. xoxo.

Mary said...

Love these lists - they're so beautiful and inspirational and often not about the "things" at all.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

So happy to hear that your hubby is doing well.
This is a lovely collection....off to check out Bobbi Brown pot rouge! :)

Esti said...

i've enjoyed reading ara's favourites!
I agree about hydrangeas... they make me happy too!

Cindy said...

i love aran's photography and enjoyed her list, especially that lense!

Anonymous said...

catching up on blog reading...

so glad to hear all is well + you're all back home!

and of course the lovely aran came up with lovely picks. she is so talented and such GREAT taste.

Mumsy said...

I love Aran's blog. So fun to see her favorite things!

Joanna Goddard said...

so happy that everything went well!!

Anonymous said...

I did not know of Aran's site. Thank you for introducing her, it is such a beautiful blog.