# 3... Crossed Off the List

I now officially have business cards unrelated to my actual job.

I ended up getting very simple letterpress ones from Mandate Press (check out Stephanie's great discount on Mandate Press business cards) and am thrilled with how they turned out...

As I’m slogging away at the list, I thought it would be fun to show what I've been able to cross off so far. There’s still so much to do and I have just over a month left. Yikes!

How are you doing on your lists?

34 Things I Want to Do Before I'm 35
  1. Take a cooking class at Central Market
  2. Make a chocolate cake from scratch
  3. Get business cards unrelated to my actual job
  4. Buy conversational French CDs
  5. Listen to said CDs on my work commute
  6. Go on a “dressy date” with Bryan
  7. Make “no knead” bread
  8. Make Lynne’s Sugar Loom
  9. Completely clean out my closet
  10. Put anything I haven’t worn in a year on eBay (see above)
  11. Take Audrey to see the nutcracker
  12. Take a bikram yoga class
  13. Buy bikes
  14. Go on a Sunday family bike ride (see above)
  15. Go on a family picnic
  16. Take Audrey to lunch at the Neiman Marcus Mermaid Bar
  17. Take the girls to the library
  18. Go the pumpkin patch at the arboretum
  19. Make a piece of art
  20. Print photos from this year + put in an album
  21. Take girls to the Dallas Museum of Art
  22. Pretty up my office – hang wallpaper, get new desk drawer knobs
  23. Perfect a pancake mix, make a big batch
  24. Take a half day and sneak off to the movies alone
  25. Make a diorama
  26. Get personalized stationary for the girls' thank you notes
  27. Master homemade lasagna
  28. Make a Blurb book
  29. Redo my inspiration board
  30. Get fresh flowers once a week
  31. Send three friends a gift for no reason
  32. Take Millie to hear live music
  33. Roast a chicken
  34. Take the girls on a surprise overnight trip
  35. Make a plan to simplify and really enjoy the holidays…and stick to it


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cards! I've been wanting to get some of my own printed and appreciate the heads up on the special deal from an awesome printer!

And you're making such inspiring progress on the list! I think it's time to finally write mine...

Joanna Goddard said...

yay! i love those cards, good for you :)

Joanna Goddard said...

yay! i love those cards, good for you :)

Mrs.French said...

Yay you! I love how seriously you are taking this list of yours...I turn 35 way too soon and you maybe putting me to shame a bit..lovely cards my dear...xo

mary s. said...

Good for you! You are really being focused on your list -- I love it. I'm not doing as well, but we DID just uncover the fireplace in our living room (my # 6). I think all the energy (and, quite possibly cash) that'll be exerted on THAT one may leave me too tired for the rest, haha...

nichole said...

I am doing quite well with my list, though I turned 36 last week, so technically a deadline is past. I DID however roast a chicken last weekend, and wow ... this recipe from Clotilde at chocolate and zucchini is fabulous:


Joslyn said...

nichole..thanks for the link...i still need to roast my chicken ;-)

Alicia said...

Wow, what a great list! A really great & easy chocolate cake to make actually comes from the back of the Hershey's Cocoa tin...I've read & heard from some fantastic bakers that they use it all the time & it never fails to impress! 1) I'm not a good cake baker & 2) I don't like chocolate cake particularly but I both succeeded in making it & I actually liked the way it came out! Good luck!

paula said...

thank you for this link! i've been looking for business cards for the hubby and i on the cheap.

all over the map said...

i'm a list lover too! i enjoyed reading through yours. i've been teetering on doing something like this. one made of things that are achievable between birthdays. i've been writing a list for things i want to do/try/accomplish in my lifetime but maybe it would help to do a "before i turn 42" one.
ok. i've chattered on here.
i found you via Nectar& Light. blogger favourites. i really like this category of yours. so fun.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

SO great! Those are beautiful cards and good for you for crossing off one more thing on your list! :)

karey m. said...

well done, you. do your services extend to...say...the middle east?

we. could. use. you.


Ms Unreliable said...

Very cute cards! I haven't even started on my lists yet! Unfortunately, writing lists is on my mental list of things to do - eek!

Mary said...

Cute cards! I'm doing okay on the list - plan to post an update next week. Keep the motivation alive...

Lynne said...

I like your card too. I'm thinking of getting something similar - but feel the need to list a 'job description' and I don't have one...

Tiffany said...

I'm posting about my own list progress on my blog every Wednesday: http://theothertiffany.blogspot.com/

For the most part it's been slow going. I've managed to buy flowers weekly. And I'm in the middle of planning a dinner party for friends on Christmas Eve. Thank goodness I have until February!

Joslyn said...

lynne...i printed cards with my dream job...just for fun ;-)

Unknown said...

wow, such a great job!! i'm impressed. i think the only big thing i've done on my list is to finally paint our family room. Phew.

Anonymous said...

I notice # 28 is make a Blurb book - I'm just blogged about how I'm currently in the process of designing the layout for a Blurb book I'm making of all my photos from a recent trip through 11 countries in Europe.

I'f you're interested I'm going to be blogging about the results/quality of it once I'm done and it arrives.

I'd love to see yours once you do it too!

Sara said...

This is such an inspiration - I'm going to make a list myself. :)

Kim said...

i am all over the JTI thing... very cool and very exciting!!!

JoAnn said...

I love your list. For No. 7, try the book No Need to Knead by Suzanne Dunaway. It's a fabulous bread book. There's several recipes in there that I are standards for me now. The focaccia is awesome and easy. I'm looking for a recipe link.

Estelle Hayes said...

I love your list. It inspired me to create my own and to start a blog. Love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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