Monday's List...

Image from Kristin Jo’s lovely blog, design delicious

All this week, along with my normal posts, Amy and I will feature lists from Friday's adventure!

Herewith Kristin Jo’s most excellent list…

24 Things I want to Do Before I'm 25

  1. Make an Autumn Harvest arrangement somewhere inside/outside the house
  2. Get my newest sailor pants hemmed
  3. Watch as they're being hemmed, so as to have some clue how it's done
  4. Find a big button to replace the one gone missing from my Winter coat
  5. Finish Season 11 of Project Runway on YouTube
  6. Go on a picnic with Philipp somewhere in the countryside or city
  7. Take a lot of pumpkin pictures from the farm up the road
  8. Make Spiced Pumpkin Butter
  9. Mail my grandmother some dried apples from the garden, as requested
  10. Buy my best friend from childhood's wedding gift
  11. Get an English library membership from the Expats club here in town
  12. Buy the new striped shirt I've had my eye on
  13. Get a copy of Amy Seeley's new cd
  14. Get the invites to our birthday party designed and printed on nice, heavy paper
  15. Carve several more jack-o-lanterns
  16. Learn something new on Photoshop
  17. Start in earnest on learning German
  18. Try out the trendy Veg restaurant in town, Tibits
  19. Make a pumpkin pie
  20. Buy M.A.C Russian Red lipstick and
  21. Wear it. A lot.
  22. Go to the Autumn Market in town
  23. Ride on the ferry boat from one side of the Rhine to the other
  24. Take more pictures with my camera every day
  25. This one's a secret


Kristin said...

Thanks for posting mine. Its cool to see my name on a blog I love ; )

savia said...

I just posted my list on my blog - thanks for the great idea!

Julia said...

I love this list :) So many inspiring bits here!

Our Green Nest said...

Love the list...BUT what is this Tibits - here in DFW?? I've searched and can't find it anywhere - please let me know when u have a sec! TU!

Kristin said...

Tibits is a all veggie restaurant in Switzerland.


They have the coolest wallpaper in their place, its a black and white sort of damask print.

Rita Finn said...

I wear MAC Russian Red every single day and I love it!