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images from top left peonies via twelve 22, pedicure photo via Philipp Klinger’s photostream, VW via classic vw bugs, chrysler building via all posters, pencils via flickr

I have an especially special (how’s that for special) place in my blogging heart for the owner of this week's list, the amazing Gabrielle. She’s a bit of a super nova in the blogging world, no? Not only constantly unearthing the coolest finds on Design Mom, but also using her HUGE blogging influence for amazing kindness like the recent Nie Nie Day auctions. Gabby and I have been “internet friends” for a while, but we had the chance to meet in person a couple of months ago in SF, and she's even more amazing in real life.

Herewith Gabrielle’s Favorites. Enjoy!

A List of Things I Love Right This Minute

  1. Vampire Weekend -- They have been my soundtrack all summer. But fall is here and I feel I must retire them now and try something new. So I guess this is kind of a farewell. Goodbye boys.
  2. Wint-o-Green LifeSavers -- They are delicious and I have started to buy them in bulk. I think I might make them my signature candy. (Can you have a signature candy?) They have the perfect texture -- they get just the tiniest bit chalky if you bite them. And they come individually wrapped. So I can throw a handful in my purse and happily discover them later hiding under receipts and between pennies.
  3. Peonies -- My favorite flower changes all the time. Today it's peonies, because they have everything you'd ever want in a flower. But don't get comfortable, peonies. Mums almost always win me over in the fall — they're so common, but so completely autumn!
  4. A good pedicure -- My current one has lasted 3 weeks. Sweeet! I always see Maria at Barbie Nails. She has a talent.
  5. Shimmery Make Up -- Someone sent me a whole box of Neutrogena Shimmer Sheers as a thank you gift. I've been wearing it like crazy and handing out tubes to friends. I can't remember what I did without it.
  6. Vintage Convertible VW Bugs -- They are the happiest car. In cherry red of course.
  7. The Twilight Series -- Don't you love how the entire nation is reading teen novels about vampire romance? I heart American pop culture. And I totally want to make out with Edward.
  8. The Chrysler Building -- I wonder if it's possible to tire of looking at this building?
  9. School Supplies -- The smell of sharpened pencils = total inspiration.


amy turn sharp said...

am loving this! xo

Kerri Lynne said...

I love Vampire Weekend(!!!)

Elizabeth said...

Oooh, so pretty. I do love those lifesavers myself.
We just bought a house and one of the first things I am going to do this fall is plant peonies. I've been waiting to grow my own for so long now - I can't wait!

Julia said...

I loved your introduction! How special :) These are some lovely and FUN favorites!

Unknown said...

um, glad i'm not the only one reading teen vampire books about edward and bella!

whoorl said...

Oh, how I adore Gabrielle!

But BACK OFF, Edward's mine. ;)

mary s. said...

Yay! Love this!