Blogger's Favorites – Design Crush

I seem to have a bit of list mania. It was so fun working with all those amazing ladies on the “blogger’s favorites” series that I’ve decided to make the lists a regular Friday morning feature.

First up is Kelly from Design Crush. Kelly always, always features something that I end up obsessing over for days on her witty, expertly edited blog. + (and this is a huge +) her “daily eat” feature is completely drool-worthy.

Herewith Kelly’s Favorites. Enjoy…

  1. Forget Me Knot Ring -- This is one of those things that’s been on my Wish List forever and a day, but just doesn’t seem like something you should buy yourself. It should be given to you by a best friend or special someone.
  2. Leather-bound Merriam-Webster Dictionary -- I’ve been craving this dictionary forever it seems. The leather binding makes me feel like I’ve stepped into a literature novel!
  3. Amber Alexander Blueberries Print -- Ever since I saw this print by artist Amber Alexander I’ve been obsessed. It just speaks to me - and who doesn’t love that feeling? Those are the sorts of things I want to surround myself with in my home.
  4. Double Top Bistro Table -- I’m in love with the idea of turning one of these sweet bistro tables into a foyer bar. “Welcome to my abode. Care for a cocktail?”
  5. Pegasus Kitchen Faucet with Spring Spout -- The kitchen in my house has a great double-sided stainless steel sink. With a faucet that’s so short I can barely get a saucepan under to fill with water. This faucet with spring spout has the functionality of faucet and sprayer in one.
  6. Holga Starter Kit -- I own quite a few cameras an old Minolta manual shot (my Dad’s!), a quad-shot and a sweet digital among them. But there’s just something about a camera that only has one function – no zoom, no filters – and is pure camera.
  7. French Bulldog -- Until I get a fence and a little more moola, this is about as close as I get to owning a Frenchie. But oh, how I want one!
  8. Diorshow Mascara -- The hunt for the perfect mascara – namely one that is volumizing and doesn’t clump – is a never-ending battle for this gal. I’ve heard so many good things about this one by Dior that I’m dying to try it out.
  9. Organic Cotton Pin-tuck Duvet Cover + Shams -- I love a bedroom with crisp, white linens. The pin-tucks in these duvet and sham covers give something decidedly plain that extra little kick that I look for.


karigee said...

I love your lists, too -- glad it'll be a weekly feature. Thank you!

Kelly said...

thanks for the love!


traphic signs said...

kelly- love this list... especially the Holga, my friend took one on our trip to Denmark, it rules. and on the diorshow mascara... get it, it will change your life. seriously.

jos- i love this new listing as the friday feature! rock!

Unknown said...

Frenchie's are the BEST. I've had boston's as well and a pug + many other mutts but I have to be honest and say that the Frenchie is the best breed yet {mine is 4 now}. I will only have Frenchie's from now on and I want one in every color!!!!

Carolyn said...

I LOVE those graphic image dictionaries too! we actually just finished doing some corporate gifts with them over at Whirled Events and I got an extra to keep for myself :)

jora said...

This is a GREAT regular feaure!

karey m. said...

well. next to you...and i mean, smack next to you...kelly is my fave.

seriously, my fave. impeccable and easy and complicated. all at once.

perfection. the only way this could get any better is if you two visited my flat in jordan.

up for an adveture? xoxo.

Joslyn said...

oooh karey so tempting...

what do ya think Kelly ;-)

mary s. said...

Jos, I love this weekly feature of yours!

Frog Princess said...

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Stephanie said...

I really am enjoying the list column. It's so fascinating to see all the things that move people in their daily lives.

That said, I found it a little odd that Kelly doesn't actually have/own/live with any of the 'favorite' things on her list. Does she not like any of the things she does have? And what are the odds she will still like these things once she gets them?

As a 'wish list' though, it's an interesting selection.

Unknown said...

i love that ring...

Design Scouting said...

I LOVE the daily eat on Design Crush! And, I love your lists!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I love these lists! SO much fun...That knot ring is my new favorite, I love it! Thanks for sharing Kelly!

Patti-atti said...

I think the forget me knot ring could be something you could buy for yourself - in fact, I'm setting aside some money for it! I decided that there are a lot of things I want to remind myself of - where I've come from, and who I want to be - and that's my symbolism on the ring!

(because all my "helpful" tips to friends didn't end up panning out!)