Friends…Even Better than Alcohol

Turns out the perfect anecdote to Friday's proclaimed doozy of a work week was dinner later that evening with our dear friends Julie and Tim.

They arrived at our house toting a bottle of gin (so yes, alcohol was involved) and some yummy strawberry shortcake. Over plates of Thai food, they recounted details of their trip to Oregon the week before, which involved visiting the photo booth at the Ace Hotel, shopping at Canoe and feasting on giant donuts from VooDoo (they used Chelsea's genius list as guidance.) Then they spent a few nights in little lodge a few hours out of town where they met all sorts of interesting people and spotted several bald eagles and a baby bear.

Listening to Julie and Tim talk about their trip, I was prepared to be a little jealous of their adventures, but instead I found myself energized and reminded of how essential it is to do and see new things, break-up your routine, refresh your perspective... All of the sudden my obsessions with work deadlines and office politics were no longer so "urgent."

Of course the gin and tonics and the beautiful Heath Ceramics vase they brought us back from the aforementioned Canoe could have also been the catalyst for my relaxed mindset... I'm just saying.

p.s. I love Canoe's curatorial, thoughtful approach and philosophy, specifically the question they ask on the back of their store postcard.

"How many things have you purchased this year that will become valued
possessions? How many things will you soon discard?"



Kelly said...


i will definitely let you know the next time i come down your way! what torture sitting across from IKEA all day long. haha!


Joslyn said...

it's tough kelly ;-) i can actually see the ikea sign from my office window.

jora said...

I just LOVE that Canoe mantra....need to keep that in mind.

Chelsea said...

Oh yes. I love that vase. Lucky you! So glad someone could enjoy my favorites too.

Karen said...

I love that quote from Canoe...I've started wondering the same thing lately about all of the stuff I buy. Great mantra. :)