Tagged (+ An Awful Lot of References to Summer Camp)

I was tagged by the delightful Jora (and based on the tiny bit of background I can see in this photo she posted of her adorable daughter, I'm swooning over her house), so here goes.

What did you do 10 years ago?
I was living in Boulder Colorado, working for an educational software company. I was super poor...walked to work almost every day, lived in a tiny studio and subsisted on sweet corn from the farmer's market. Bryan and were newly dating and would end up moving to Texas a couple of months later. When we left Boulder it was 70 degrees and when we arrived in Texas it was 117. Sad.

Five items on your to-do list:

  1. Get new swimsuits for the girlies (they've both managed to outgrow them in the past week)
  2. Plan some fun activities for the upcoming four-day July 4th weekend
  3. Finish liming our living room walls (this is a monster project that's been on the to-do list for at least 6 months)
  4. Hang wallpaper panels
  5. Buy tickets for a family vacation to Minnesota in August

Snacks I enjoy:
I'm not a huge snacker but always have nuts, olives, dark chocolate on some (preferably stinky) cheese on hand...

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
I'd buy some land on the west coast and build an amazing summer camp focused on the arts where we would live and work. Needs-based middle and high school students could apply for tracks like cooking, music, painting or writing, and we'd have artists-in-residence who could live there for a stint in exchange for teaching a few courses during the summer. (Can you tell I've put a lot of thought into this question?)

Said camp would feel something like this...

Places I would live:
The list is longer, but my top three are Portland, Mill Valley and Austin.

Jobs I have had:
(I've had a lot of jobs...)
  1. Florist
  2. Camp counselor (and "camp craft" instructor) at an all-girls summer camp in (hot, hot) Texas
  3. Baker at a summer camp in Canada
  4. Checker at a groovy grocery store in Austin
  5. Nanny
  6. Event planner
  7. Web Producer

Ok, I'm going to tag some of my Kirtsy cohorts -- Mary Eliz, Suann, Karey, Amy, Sarah -- no pressure.


mary s. said...

Jos - you are just gorgeous. That photo is stunning. And I loved reading these bits about you! Stinky cheese, yes please!!

I was tagged earlier this week with the same questions so I've already answered...but thanks for thinking of me, sista! :)

jora said...

Thank you! It has been great learning more about you.....and thanks for the house compliment! When I post more photos of our house, I will let you know.

Mrs.French said...

Oh yes please...move to Portland! Lovely tag, I like you even more than before!

karey m. said...

JOSLYN! {all caps, so you know i'm angry!}

we've never discussed the west coast. you agreed to an ISLAND. bathing suits. commune.

but {sigh} as long as mrs. french still lives there, i guess it's an excellent choice.

don't you hate how i'm putting myself in your back pocket?! sorry! seriously. quit your job. let's do this. xoxo.

Joslyn said...

karey, i know, i know. i would totally do the camp/commune on an island too...or a very beachy spot on the west coast.


Jodi Egerton said...

dude, we have not made it up to dallas...pregnancy hath got the better of me! oy. maybe. (it is hot. i am large and swole).

re: the camp...
here is where i spent every summer from the one before 7th grade until i left for college:

reminds me a lot of your dream camp!

more than almost everything else in my life, this place, and the people there, helped me become who i am. i spent a few years as a camper, then worked as a CIT and counselor in the clown studio. clowning (theatrical clowning...my idol was bill irwin, now known most as mr. noodle from elmo's world!), puppetry, improv...and i can teach anyone how to juggle. i also learned how to weave, sew, throw pottery on a wheel, blow glass, grow vegetables, milk goats, and work for change in the world. i refer to it now as "my hippie arts camp" but it was so much more...

anyway, owen and i will come and teach writing and comedy at your camp anytime. that was the point of this post! :o)

Joslyn said...

Jodi...ok we'll give you a pass since you're large with child ;-)

buck's rock looks amazing...perhaps audrey and arden will go there together one day.

and i'm glad you and owen have accepted the "offer"...you're at the top of the list of teachers!


Joslyn said...

p.s. jodi...love mr. noodle!

Julia said...

I'm in love with summer camp as well! I loved the look and feel of the one scheming in your head :) I had a rustic girls camp that I not only attended but eventually counseled at as well. It was some of the best times I remember having as a teen!

You'll have to let us know if you get your walls limed :) Did I read that right? "limed"?

Chelsea said...

Austin is on my list too:)