Silver Linings

We have a seriously majestic tree in our backyard.
To merely call it huge would be an understatement. It's massive and drapey and, well... magical. After all the spring rain, its leaves and branches bend dramatically, brushing the ground in various places. Needless to say it makes for some pretty swell shady hideouts in the backyard -- a godsend, given our hellishly hot summers...

When it comes to foliage, I am rarely practical, which explains my dismay when Bryan informed me (for various obvious reasons) that the tree had to be trimmed "significantly."
While most observers would still think the tree pretty awesome post-trimming, I miss how crazy and overgrown it was.

But, there's a serious silver lining to this story, as lurking under one of the shady branches of that tree was a pretty (but otherwise unremarkable) little bush that began to thrive in its new sun-filled spot.
In a matter of few days, the bush almost doubled in size and then began to sprout copious amounts of (are you ready for this??) gardenias.

A gardenia bush!
I almost died.

Now our backyard is a smidge less shady, but way more fragrant... a nice trade-off for sure.


karey m. said...

gardenias...crazy for 'em.

AggieGirl said...

love gardenias and i'm feeling nostalgic about them today -- our anniversary. i had them in my bouquet and on the cake and anywhere else i thought they'd look good. ;-)

Joslyn said...

that sounds so pretty cindy...happy anniversary.

amy turn sharp said...

sounds gorgeous. I am sure yr garden is as lovely as yr home!

amy turn sharp said...

whhops- one more thing...Loved the book by Mrs. Coppola!!! What a life!

Joslyn said...

thanks amy!

just finished that book (finally)...v. inspiring!

mary s. said...