One More List

Photographs of uber chic women (that aren't in their twenties) via The Sartorialist

This week marks my half birthday, which wouldn't matter at all as I'm not a celebrator of half birthdays, except that this year is a milestone birthday for me -- 35. (I consider any birthday ending in "5" a milestone birthday.)

I love my 30's. Sure my 20's were great, but my 30's have been so, so much better. I had Audrey a few months before my 30th birthday, and for obvious reasons that completely changed my life. It's been an odd, amazing, interesting ride, and I have never wished to go back in any way.

But honestly it's not a real stretch for me...I'm pretty infatuated with age, which partly explains my obsession with the French -- a society that notoriously reveres older women. I've always loved the age I am, never wished to be younger, never dreaded or feared turning 25 or 30. In fact, on many occasions, I've wished to be older.

This longing was most frequent during my childhood when I would regularly declared my desire to be a grown-up. My parent's best friend (and my godfather) was completely perplexed by this. He would always emphatically tell me to enjoy being a kid, that it's not that fun being a grown up...too much responsibility...not enough fun. I totally didn't believe him. I knew I'd somehow more fun as an adult. And you know what, I do.

But, despite my perpetual quest to be older, I want Audrey and Millie to savor, relish and enjoy their childhoods in the ways that I didn't in. Don't we always want the opposite for our kids than our own experiences?

So, in honor of my milestone birthday, I'm totally stealing her brilliant idea and making a list of the 34 things I want to do before I turn 35 later this year. The list is still a work in progress, and most of the items are rather mundane, but it's been a fun project...I'll share in full once it's more fleshed out.

What about you? How do you feel about this whole age thing?


sunny said...

Now I want to move to France!

Tomorrow I turn 40.
I look 26....if that.
so 40 is my little secret.

I loved, loved, loved my thirties.
Hoping to love my forties as well... (choking out those words)

Joslyn said...

happy birthday sunny. i bet your 40's will be fab.

amy turn sharp said...

I might have to ride this wave with you. I turn 35 on 11/25 and am also thinking a lot about it...Can we share our lists together? I will post yrs and mine on my site soon-k? We can keep inspiring other fabulous 34 year olds not to fear the next turn... xo

mary s. said...

First off, these photos are fabulous. I love seeing women like this who are confident and sexy.

Now, about the age thing. I have never wanted to be an age other than what I am. (OK, maybe I WAS a bit antsy to turn 21...) Except for right now. And not because I dread getting old. My issue now is that I am your age and don't yet have kids. (Just got married last year.)

But other than that - I really believe that as the years go by, I am smarter, happier, and more confident in my own skin that I've ever been.

Joslyn said...

amy -- yes, let's totally team up on this! i'm 35 on 12/7 so the timing's good. extra fun to have a partner in crime.

keely said...

I love the person you become as you get older. I got married at 21, which, looking back on it, seems SO young. But I was ready for it. And now I'm a completely different person, a mom, a homeowner, an aunt. I'm just so curious to see who I'll be in my 30's, 40's, etc.

Anonymous said...

35 was my FAVORITE! I loved it!

My friends in their 20s don't believe me that 30s are AMAZING! I am 38, and things continue to improve (except the voice that tells me I am too old to shop on occasion at FOREVER 21. It's right.)

Married 2 months ago, enjoying newlywed life...and still get carded. And now I am old enough to appreciate it. And no one can tell me that I can't have popcorn and Diet Coke for dinner. Because I am a grown-up. Sort of.

Jessie Cacciola said...

oh, i remember that girl third-down. i loved her! :) in my opinion, age is irrelevant. my parents feel so much younger than they are, and that's all that matters.

Jill said...

I just turned 35 last week... and for some strange reason it felt really good.

Happy half birthday!

Courtney Suzanne said...

I think we should enjoy whatever age we are at the moment, because every age has benefits. All except 13...I hated being 13...too old to order off the kid's menu, to young to be a highschooler. :) Other than that, live it up!

Julia said...

This is the most inspiring post! I too have been one who wished for the wisdom and experience of an older generation! I remember watching the movie Howl's Moving Castle and totally relating to her experience of feeling more comfortable OLDER rather than her own age. I don't get it, but I understand!

amy korngiebel said...

fantastic post!
i'm working on a to-do by 35 list as well.
also, i recently turned 31 and when i did, i put together a list of everything i wanted to accomplish - big and small - in my 31st year. it's been great checking things off.
finally - i'm really enjoying my 30's. i feel much freer than i ever have.