Wishful Thinking

Last night as we were hunkering down for bed, Audrey declared that she wished she was a grown-up. (She was getting into all sorts of trouble, and I'm assuming her wish stemmed from the desire to just do whatever she pleased...because apparently that's what grown-ups do.)

Right about now I'm wishing I was a kid, so I could wear all of the completely lovely little spring things over at Tiny McSmall.

I'm feeling a "Freaky Friday" moment coming on (of course the original with Jodi Foster) for week-end movie night...


Unknown said...

I adore that flower necklace.

Just found your blog this morning and I have to say, I will be coming back!

Well titled, fun space.

I love the lies you tell your 3 year old.

Joslyn said...

Yes that flower necklace is pretty darn cute.
Thanks for the nice note Amy!