Martin Puryear is Bryan's Elvis

No, there was no actual Puryear sighting, but we did hit his exhibit at The Modern on Sunday with our friends Buck and Camp. Not only was his work absolutely amazing, but Bryan got to stand in front of each piece and dissect joints, the sophistication of angle calculations, and blah, blah, woodworking blah with Camp. So it was a pretty close second.

image via pbs.org
I tease mercilessly, but it was awesome to see him so excited and inspired. Oh yeah, and a little surreal (and highly comical) to hear the guys recap their run-in with an overzealous museum guard who instructed them not to point at the art. Why??? Was he afraid they were going to offend the art? Give it a complex? Poke it in the eye?...

Suffice to say, we're getting a lot of mileage out of that one.


Unknown said...

I recently saw how work at the MoMA and it was awesome...I love how organic is pieces are...they remind me of animals.

Unknown said...

as a typophile, i love the ampersand. really interesting work, must be amazing to see in person.