It's Never Too Late -- Part Two

A round-up of rooms I wish I had designed...

Room via Ellen Hanson Designs

Room by Barrie Benson via Domino

Room by Julianne Moore via Domino

via Domino
via Domino

I suppose it wasn't very fair of me to recount my conversation with Audrey and not disclose what I told her I wanted to be when I grow up, was it?

My favorite dinner party pastime is to go around the table and ask everyone what they thought they'd be in college (I majored in English and minored in Art History, so logically I thought I'd either be an English teacher or work in an art gallery or museum, but alas, I didn't end up doing either of those things...) and what they would do if they could do anything they wanted.
The fun of the "game" is that the answers don't have to reflect something you're actually good at, just something you'd really like to do but for whatever reason aren't.

As for me, if I could do anything I wanted (besides of course my actual job, which I actually very much enjoy), I would be an interior designer.
But I'm not so interested in just decorating a series of blank slates or creating multiple versions of my ideal room for other people...no, what really intrigues me is the process of working hand-in-hand with others as they uncover how they really want to live -- to help them discover what their ideal home would feel like and then working alongside them to create it.

I think most folks have a pretty good idea of how they want their homes to feel, they just don't know how to get there... helping them get there would be a really cool job.

Ok... now you have to play. What would you be if you could do anything?


keely said...

I would own an amazing children's bookstore, a la Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail."

Joslyn said...

oooh that's a good one keely!

Kate said...

I would be a novelist and crank our volume after volume of critically acclaimed fiction from a tiny home office. And everyone would say, "Wow, she is so clever and very, very interesting." : )

mary s. said...

I have so many passions that I don't think I'd be happy committing to just one.

But if I could somehow...

- Own a cute little paper shop, buying and creating lovely little paper goods
- Freelance write
- Blog
- Persue lovely, fun internet activities like sk*rt

...I'd be beyond. Happy.

melissa said...

I would loved to be an OBGYN. I have a secret desire to one day come upon a desperate pregnant lady and save the day by delivering her baby. In my next life, this is what I'll be.

Joslyn said...

wow melissa...how cool!

Heather Taylor said...

i adore your blog. this is a great post. i'm adding you to my links list!

Joslyn said...

thanks Heather! i love your blog too...makes me want to move to LA ;-)

Michelle said...

I would want to own a tiny little bakery painted robin's egg blue. I'd also have a corner selling vintage clothes and books and maybe even a little art...all the things I love under one roof.

Joslyn said...

Michelle...i'd love to visit your dream bakery/store. sounds delightful!