I Think Audrey Must Be Reading My Blog (never mind the fact that she can’t technically read…)

Audrey loves nothing in the world more than procuring a piece of gum from one of those (slightly gross) machines in the front of the grocery store... Somehow this shot by eshu manages to make a gumball machine appear pretty magical.

Despite all my talk about the "terrible fours", Audrey was the picture of absolute and utter loveliness this weekend. All Eddie Haskell-style good manners, she was helpful around the house and almost comically sweet with her sister...We did have a short but annoying scream-fest when I refused to continue getting up from dinner on Saturday with our friends Julie and Tim to push her higher, higher, higher on our new swing set... (Perhaps the best purchase we've ever made, is that sad?) But it was pretty darn close to perfection as far as behavior goes.

Really, it's as if the kid wants to prove me wrong at every turn...she keeps me on my toes that girl.

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