Get Outside Already

Images via IKEA

I think Texas is thumbing its nose at me, as despite all my earlier whining about hating the heat, blah, blah, blah, we've had glorious weather lately -- all sunny and cool and just pretty darn blissful. This pocket of perfect weather (and these dreamy outdoor shots on the IKEA site) inspired us to take it up a notch on the "summarizing" of our back patio, and as such we spent most of last weekend planting and sweeping and basically just prettying-up the place. I also managed to set aside my previously documented issues with IKEA and popped over on my lunch break yesterday to grab a couple of pillows for our patio couch.

I suppose I sometimes just have to eat my words a bit...
Sorry Texas. Sorry IKEA.


Jane said...

I was going to do a post on outdoor rooms because I have been feeling very inspired lately and my porches need updating...the thing that always sits in the back of my mind when I see pictures like this is "where are the bugs?" I would be eaten alive by mosquitoes on our porches after sundown :)

Unknown said...

those pictures are great. i especially love that cozy looking blanket on the wooden lounge chair. wouldn't it be bliss to lay there with a great book and a big piece of cake?

modmaison said...

thanks for this post! I like IKEA's new summerline of outdoor stuff also.
We are moving to Texas also in a couple of months. Hoping to be able to enjoy the outdoor weather if it's not too hot.

Stephanie said...

I agree Joslyn...you have to pick and choose with IKEA. Sometimes, I head straight to the marketplace and skip the maze. Things I like there include glass pitchers, napkins, pillow inserts (boring I know) and organizational goods like containers. I also check out their AS IS section. I've found some great deals.