The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

My partial Northern California upbringing by a musician father and a pretty darn cool mom had decided laid back/hippie leanings. While there was no commune involved, there were lots of bean sprouts and jazz and groovy clothes -- my parent's best friend almost exclusively wore a pair of tan corduroy OP short shorts with flip flops regardless of the occasion... (Actually I think he still wears this ensemble on a fairly regular basis.)

Not surprisingly, a few of these bohemian leanings have surfaced in my adulthood. One such example is the fact that I literally can't pass a pottery table at an arts festival without buying some mottled, groovy serving bowl or mug -- the uglier, lumpier and more seemingly steeped in patchouli the better. And I swoon over all manner of 70's pottery.

So when I spotted these mugs in the Viva Terra catalog last night I decided I had to of course have them...


Unknown said...

hilarious, great account of your upbringing and your lean toward hippie homewares. it all makes sense now ;-) px

Sherrie said...

Hey! I received the same set, only handle-less for Christmas! (http://frenchyfinds.blogspot.com/2007/12/little-bird-told-me.html)