All Quiet on the Homefront (well sort of…)

Really I never thought I'd dress the girls in matching attire, but Audrey's pretty smitten with the concept...so I'm rolling with it.

I've been perusing my posts and noticed that my blogging about the girls has dropped off a bit. I'm attributing this to the fact that we are 100%, wholly and completely "in the thick of it" with both girlies of late, and when I do sit down in front of the computer to blog, I end up sort of retreating to a completely different place (i.e. some pretty baubles, a pristine stack of white dishes, a pantry suffering from OCD) as a sort of defense mechanism against the current messiness of our actual days.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind the chaos. I really don't -- in fact on some level I welcome it, as that's all part of the deal, right? It's just that this period with the girls seems especially intense, we've got musical beds every night, we've got sore throats and coughing and teething, we've got pre-k drama, we've got a highly mobile 15-month-old who at every turn finds some new and thrilling (and usually life threatening) activity to take part in, we've got a four-year-old who is delightful and funny and spunky and impossible and ornery...the list goes on.

Audrey's been at my parent's house on a "big girl" vacation for a few days, so we've had a slight reprieve to actually sit back a reflect a bit...Bryan and I sit in bed at night after everyone is softly snoozing and deceptively peaceful, and we laugh about how we can be in what we've coined (as nicely as possible of course) "The Death March" one minute and the Halcyon days the second. It really is a whirlwind, every minute a new emotion, surprise, hurdle...we're on our toes, razor sharp on five hours of sleep.

And yes, I know this phase is temporary, and yes I know I'll look back and likely long for it once it's passed. I'm not complaining so much as musing...now back to the dresses and necklaces and prettily ordered pantries.


karey m. said...

dizzying, isn't it?

i just hold my breath {and my tongue} and wait for the mustn't-forget moments, you know?

and i also never thought i'd dress my girlies the same...but they went to an art show tonight all in black dresses. eek.

Jane said...

a phase?...I still don't sleep through the night and the boys are 11 and 9! Enjoy it for all it's worth..you will see our boys in action in a few weeks and you will be thankful for what you have! We are going through a VERY difficult time...I bet on Tim and Julie renting the little house behind us :)

Kim said...

i am with you sister! we're in the same cycle with our two, but running about 6 months behind your girls age-wise. every day feels like a race! we live life in our own bubble that is all about us and this time. there's just not much opportunity for anything outside our bubble - and like you, i am rolling in it knowing someday i will stretch my brain to feel again what it was like to hold my little ones as little ones. they're growing so fast but i say to myself, "they will never be littler than they are today..."

Unknown said...

the first thing i thought as soon as i saw that image of the girls was, 'what is joslyn doing dressing them in matching outfits?!', and had such a chuckle at your remark underneath! fabulous post, i can only imagine the intensity of it all. Thanks for the 'audrey and millie pic hit', and update. enjoy the respite and get ready for the next round, power to you! px