Work Life Balance (Or Thank Goodness It's Friday)

Lovely, lovely photo via Nectar & Light

So I had a rather harried dream last night... I was simultaneously creating a PowerPoint presentation, packing Audrey's lunch and preparing a dinner party for Barack Obama.

Needless to say, I'm ready for the weekend. In the meantime, Jennifer's brilliant photographs always mellow me out.

Happy Friday.


karey m. said...

preparing a dinner party for barack obama?! too funny.

and i used to check athena says and athena eats and athena anything millions of times each day...when she took a break, i felt like...now where?

but then i found you. and now she's back. and i am THRILLED! xoxo.

Joslyn said...

karey...i know, i too was an "athena" addict. I was psyched to see her posting again. and her pictures...sigh.

Unknown said...

beautiful photo, great commentary. I have been having some ridiculously wild and chaotic dreams myself lately.