A Twist on Tagging

Photo via The Richard Avedon Foundation

In a refreshing alternative to the usual rules of getting tagged, my friend Kim asked me to open the book I'm currently reading, flip to page 123, read the first five sentences and then post the next three sentences.

I thought this was especially fun, as I always love to see what other people are reading... Here's mine from Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen:

There's a shuffling, and someone shushing someone.
"What is it?" calls August.
"Did Clive feed the cats?"

Photo via saragruen.com

Now I'm to tag five more bloggers... Of course no pressure at all, but I'd love a peek inside the current reading material of Joanna, Jim, Abbey, Kelly and Uncle Beefy.


Alyssa Coberly said...

oh i just love that book ... its such a fun thing to read about {the circus}

and a fun 'tag' game ...

Design Scouting said...

This is so fun! I love this idea. Thanks for the tag.

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

I've heard great things about that book. Enjoy it? What a fun tag.

Uncle Beefy said...

Ah yes, this is a very refreshing twist on things. And, yes, I will gladly oblige after "Eco Week" is through...Okey dokey?

Thanks for the "tag", Joslyn! :)

Joslyn said...

thanks Uncle Beefy!

Rachel -- i'm liking it... i'd recommend for sure.

Modern Craft said...

Joslyn, I am so dense that I just realized "Jim" was me! Clearly I should read more to exercise the brain. I started a wonderful book called Down the Nile, by a friend of a friend, Rosemary Mahoney, but my wife commandeered it. So now, I'm reading the book that's been on my nightstand for a year: The Stories of John Cheever:
"Miss James is here most of the time.
We're partners."
That was it, Clancy thought.

Joslyn said...

Thanks modern craft ;-)

Joanna Goddard said...

what a fun idea! i will get to this as soon as i can take a breathe....xoxo

Uncle Beefy said...

I did it, Joslyn! :) Finally! :)

Joslyn said...

uncle beefy, i can't wait to see what you're reading!