Heading to Deutschland

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I'm off to Munich in the morning. Thanks to all of you who sent me ideas for where to visit... Not sure if there will be much time for posting while I'm there, but I'll be sure to fill you in next week!


p.s. -- I've been asked about my strategy for avoiding purchases while in Munich...

Image via Ali's awesome flickr

I've actually been thinking a lot about it (surprised?), and while my intention is to stay purchase-free, I'm allowing for some flexibility in the instance that I happen upon something completely delightful and unique that I would have no chance of purchasing in the states.

I'm not seeking this instance out mind you, but rather allowing myself some "wiggle room" if the occasion does arise. I'm also planning to find a little treats for Audrey and Millie, but the souvenirs they tend to love the most aren't purchased anyway -- for my kids, nothing is better than brochures, matchbooks, ticket stubs and all the other remnants of travel

My plan to compensate for any possible purchases is to extend my "no-buy" goal through the end of February...YIKES!


Kim said...

I wish I was going with you! One of my good friends is living in Munich this year doing an internship with a German aerospace company. It's an interesting city - mostly modern post War construction because of the hits it took in WW2. Well, if you get a chance, please drink a Weizen bier on my behalf...

Unknown said...

I am so jealous!!


Janet said...

Oh dear. How in the world are you going to escape Munich without at least one purchase?
Good travels.

traphic signs said...

safe travels!

take lots of photographs, i find this is the BEST way not to spend money. you get all the memories and stilla lovely souvenier when you return!

and just a little side note. any clothes that i have ever bought abroud i either get sick of or they don't fit, or some other reason for it not to last forever. on the other hand, a phot o does! i hope you are taking that jazzy new camera of yours!

have fun!xx

ali said...

Can't wait to hear about your journey. Am fantastically jealous, as are we all!

Love to see my photo on your blog. Thank you!

Joanna Goddard said...

hope you're having a great trip! you definitely deserve to treat yourself if you find something you love! xo joanna