This is One

Some of the names that could have been yours:

Chloe, Lucie, Eloise, Rowan, Tabitha, Eleanor, Mira, Lola, Ella, Fiona, Eliza

Amazing how in retrospect, none of these quite fit… you’re Amelia through and through -- our Millie, and I am more smitten with you than ever.

Happy Birthday Sweet girl. Every single sleepless night is worth it.


emmyjw said...

She is lovely. I have four amazing kids and I know what you mean, somehow once you know them they really couldn't be anyone else! We just celebrated our Ella's birthday on the 18th and are preparing to celebrate our son Langston's birthday tomorrow.I can't imagine a greater joy or blessing than sharing my life with them! Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Millie.

Jane said...

Happy birthday Millie! We can't wait to see you in a few months! The boys are already fighting over who will watch you! We love you!

Susanne said...

Happy Birthday to the adorable Millie!

I just love the name, Amelia, and Millie's such a great nick!

Joanna Goddard said...

beautiful. amelia and millie are adorable names. i was supposed to be lucy clare, but then my parents changed my name to joanna mary when they "met me."

ella is really popular these days, it seems....