Another Tale of Inappropriate Breakfasts

If you too find yourself viewing Waitress multiple times in one day over the holiday and are, as a result, inspired to bake a pie, head over to Martha’s site, as the pie recipe collection is exhaustive…not that I would expect anything less.

As much as I love the lead up to Christmas with all its merriment and anticipation, there’s something equally magical about the days following when everyone seems to slow down a bit and breathe a collective sigh. I don’t know if it’s the slight food coma or if we’re all in a daze of crumpled wrapping paper and fallen Christmas tree needles, but the absence of work and school schedules has inspired downright decadence in our house.

The past couple of days have involved sleeping in until 7:00 a.m., purchasing Waitress on pay-per-view and then proceeding to watch it three times in the same day (really a lovely movie), eating chocolate kahlua cake for breakfast and popcorn for dinner (don’t worry, we made vegetables for the kids) and buying eight rolls of 50%-off Marimekko wrapping paper at Crate & Barrel. We’re living on the edge here folks…and loving every minute of it.

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