And While We’re on the Topic of the South

Design Sponge featured the Dallas Design Guide yesterday pulled together by Paige Phelps of the Dallas Morning News. Here are a few of my personal favorites from her really comprehensive list.
  • Forty Five Ten -- Despite the fact that most of their offerings are out of my price range, this is hands down my favorite store in town...it's the best place to stroll-through anytime the need for inspiration strikes.

  • Mercury Design Studio at LFT -- This is the location of the aforementioned books that I'm seriously coveting and a close runner up to Forty Five Ten for my favorite Dallas shop.

  • Century Modern -- We've found several amazing (and affordable) mid-century pieces at this store, like our look-alike Cherner chair for $75!

  • Grange Hall -- This place is seriously beautiful and odd...which really is the best combination. Fun fact: The co-owner Jeffrey Lee is on this season's Project Runway (known on the show as Marion Lee.)

  • Baby Bliss -- The place in town for great modern pieces (and gifts) for kiddos. (We found Millie's Nursery Works pinwheel crib bedding here.)

  • Bishop Street Market -- This shop is owned by our realtor (and friend) and his partner -- they not only have amazing taste but are incredibly nice, which is always a bonus...

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