Oddly Comforting

Images via Nigella Lawson

I’ve always been a fan of the shape and heft of Nigella Lawson’s Living Kitchen line, but I especially love these black pieces…somehow they manage to be both earthy and sophisticated.

And on a side note, during a particularly ugly bought of insomnia last night, I found myself reading a feature on Lawson in Cookie at 2:00 am and was somewhat vindicated to discover that she not only serves her kids noodles with broth for dinner on a regular basis, but she also makes them buy their lunch at school…I feel so much better.

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Laura Naples said...

I too love the Nigella stuff! I just bought the measuring cups for a friend for Christmas, along with the new cookbook "Nigella Express". I've given the measuring cups as gifts before, they are "oddly comforting" as you perfectly describe. As a soon-to-be mom I am also relieved to hear that she feeds her kids normal stuff!