Kindred Spirits

We're big into reading lately. Audrey schleps loads of books around in her little backpack, so she's never without reading material...oh the horror. Actually, Bryan and I do the same thing. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree I suppose.

My favorite pastime of late is to spy on her reading out loud on her own. Her stories are always some mix of the actual text in the book and little embellishments that she throws in (which make the story far more interesting).

Her current favorite fictional character is Oliva, which is really no surprise, as they are carbon copies of each other -- all cheeky and spunky and fearless, alternatively adoring and being slightly annoyed by their younger sibling.


Jodi Egerton said...

oh, we really should hang out again soon... have a tiny olivia over here too. (arden just jackson pollack'd our living room floor...purple handprints all over the hardwoods...actually kind of lovely...).

and arden does the same thing of kind of reading the story, kind of adding in her own details. FUN.

Joslyn said...

sweet Arden! i love that scene in Oliva when she recreates the Pollack from the museum on her bedroom wall. You guys need to come to dallas ;-)

Liz Allman said...

We love the olivia books so much we named our daughter after them in hopes of having a girl with some spunk.