It's Getting Close

While I’m not decorating for the holidays yet, I’m thinking about it. A lot.
My current fixation? Wreaths.

I'm a bit obsessed with Martha's awfully pretty/earthy moss version.

But I’ll probably end up getting this groovy white one instead. It would look pretty swell against our dark front doors, and it matches a wall hanging we already have in the house, furthering its “year-round” potential (a plus, since last year some of my decorations stayed up through most of January).

Mod White Wreath via Kenneth Wingard

Our existing groovy wall hanging...


traphic signs said...

haha,that is soooo funny! i saw this in blueprint (amy Butler's house) i think this month.. showed it to gregg and he went and bought the same one!! love it! great choice.


Joslyn said...

amy butler's house was pretty cool wasn't it!

mominaledo said...

There's a really neat home/gardening store in FW that carries this moss...it's actually dyed that great color...but looks really fluffy and alive.

Jane said...

Hey! I liked that moss wreath also. All our doors will look alike!