One of the highlights of our Thanksgiving trip to Louisiana was a trek to my parent’s dear friend Dickie Landry’s amazing art filled loft. Bryan and I were totally entranced by all his incredible pieces, especially the multiple works by Robert Rauschenberg.
But the best part was Audrey’s response to the place. Since she’s been talking a lot about wanting to be an artist when she grows up, we spent a lot of time exploring the loft together, really looking at all the paintings, books and photographs. She seemed to firmly grasp that the space was special and different…the home of an artist.

Since our visit, she’s made several pictures for me to mail to Mr. Dickie so he can hang them in his loft. I’m thinking they’d look nice next to the Rauschenbergs

What do you think Dickie?

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Joanna Goddard said...

oh, that is adorable. i love her reaction so much. i'm sure her pictures were lovely!