Making it Work

I tore through my closet this weekend in an attempt to make sense of the chaos it’s become since having Millie. The rods were jammed with "transitional" clothes of varying sizes, of which I actually like and end up wearing very few.

But the purging was mostly spurred by a recent trip to Target where I snapped up a shoddily made, sparkly black top only to get home and realize that there were several similar ones crammed into my closet -- that I never wear. (Truth be told, I also discovered that I own 28 black tops…but that’s another post altogether or a trip to the therapist.)

I made good work of it, passing several items to lovely cousin Erin and pulling together big bags of clothes for my Mom, sisters and the women’s shelter. I also brought a couple dozen items to the tailor. This proved the most fruitious task of the entire exercise, as with a few tweaks to the waistband, hips or hemline, I basically have a new wardrobe.

Now that I have a closetful of things that fit and I (mostly) like, I’m supplementing with a couple of festive accessories to dress things up for the holidays -- like one of these necklaces from Banana…perfect with one of my existing 28 black tops, yes?

I’m on my way to recovery.

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traphic signs said...

I just bought a new black top from Target, too- wonder if they're the same...

Thanks for the comment about the christmas presents- have a great thanksgiving!