Weekend Recap

Our first bout of fall weather inspired us to cram in as many seasonal activities into our weekend as possible. Admittedly, most of our adventures involved food. We feasted on homemade apple cake gifted to us by one of Audrey’s classmates, spent Saturday afternoon at the elementary school Halloween carnival playing games and munching on caramel apples and made a big Sunday dinner for my folks, lovely cousin Erin and her mom, as they were all in town at the same time.

I’ve wanted to try and recreate this butternut squash and goat cheese puree that Bryan and I had at our anniversary dinner in Austin, but the weather hasn’t been cooperating up until now. It was so, so easy and crazy yummy. We served it with an oven roast and asparagus, but I think it would be especially good with pork chops.

Here’s how you do it.
  • Preheat oven to 375

  • Pierce 2 medium butternut squash 4-5 times and place in a casserole dish

  • Bake squash for about an hour – you’ll know it’s done when you’re able to easily slide a thin knife all the way through the squash

  • When fully cooked, slice open the squash and remove the seeds and strings
  • Scoop out the remaining squash into a bowl and add room temperature goat cheese, kosher salt and pepper to taste and mash well with a spoon


traphic signs said...

mmmmmm yum! yea it was sooo good.
I'm glad you put up the recipe so i can copy and paste it into my todo's!
thanks for cooking last night!

Joslyn said...

anytime ;-)

Jodi Egerton said...

wow--i happen to have two butternut squashes sitting on my counter. and goat cheese is my favorite food...thank you!!!