More on Luxury

Image via O at Home.

I was digging through the aforementioned accordion folders of ripped out magazine pages this weekend looking for an old recipe and came across this image of stylist Suzanne Shaker’s house. I’m a huge fan of using all matter of rocks, shells, twigs, cuttings, etc…as decoration in our house. No matter how many design trends come and go, there’s something timeless about a really beautiful natural object.

The text on the other side of the page really rang true to me as well…

“The wide-open rooms offer a lesson: Luxury doesn’t have to be opulent or showy. Luxury is a well-crafted space; luxury is lots of light and air…”


Modern Craft said...

The pictures of your house are beautiful. I love the way you use color to give your rooms a richness and boldness. You also have a gift for the details, which make thee rooms feel warm and homey. Great great job with your home.

Joslyn said...

So, so nice! thank you!