The Controversial Horse

I am exactly 10 years older than lovely cousin Erin. Once when she was over at our house for Sunday dinner (amidst the pots boiling over, Millie sobbing and Audrey having some sort of sugar-induced crazies), I made the mistake of asking her if she ever looked at me and thought, “oh god this is going to be my life in 10 years.” She just smiled and said, “no, I’m just thankful that this isn’t my life now…”

Having Erin around allows me to view my world from a different perspective -- like reminding me that not everyone thinks it’s cute to hear your kid sing home on the range in a twangy southern accent 10 times in a row. She also gently nudges me out of my comfort zone when it comes to buying clothes or something new for the house.

So, on a recent shopping expedition, I was feeling pretty proud snapping up this horse. I knew she’d think it was a killer score a la Kelly Wearstler. But instead, she spotted it in my cart and looked at me with slightly amused pity, like I was some kind of suburban housewife let lose in a tchotchke shop in Santa Fe. Suffice to say she wasn’t feeling the Kelly Wearstler …

I bought it despite her skepticism and have moved that horse into every room in my house. I still haven’t found a place for it.

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traphic signs said...

i have one comment on this horse... maybe since you can't find a home, that's a sign...

however! may i make a suggestion.. i think that he would look lovely holding up your newly color coded books... perhaps in the war section so that it is like a homage or something.

I think everything in its perfect place is meant to be, so i retract my statement, and say that there is a place for that horse. good luck finding it.

love you,