Babette #2

Image via le train fantôme

I always end up on the greatest sites via Hoping for Happy Accidents. A recent visit turned up a link to Fanja’s blog, le train fantôme, which in turn lead me her really exquisite little shop.

My favorite is Babette #2 -- especially her description:

Babette is a busy librarian
She treks the woods in search
of the books read and lost by
the Eddy rabbits
She is one-of-a-kind

I think she'd be just perfect for a book obsessed little girl...

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Jodi Egerton said...

ooooh. i am in love.

joslyn, so nice to find you again! arden and audrey and millie (ooh! i love her name! ooh! ooh!) should all get together and play soon...

much love!
jodi (and owen and arden)