Ode to a Dress

The ladies wearing their dresses at Jen's wedding.

Audrey is all about wearing a dress lately. I’ve been letting her to pick out her own clothes in the mornings (in an effort to both foster her creativity and thwart the inevitable melt down when I select something she doesn’t like -- which is basically anything I don’t let her choose herself). She always, always picks a dress. She’s also awfully persnickety about comfort (she’s a bit in-between sizes right now, making pants and skirts a tough fit), so a dress just seems to fit the bill.

I think she’s on to something that kid, because lately dresses have been the “go-to” item in my closet on harried mornings (pretty much every morning.) I bought this dress a few weeks ago on a quick, desperate lunch time shopping trip, as I’m finding that none of my fall clothes either A. fit or B. look right, given that I was large with child time last year. Now my only challenge is to resist the temptation to wear it every single day, thus negating the already fragile aura of pulled togetherness that the dress imparts.

p.s. the dress is now on sale...


Julie @ Letter9 said...

I went through a dress-only stage when I was a girl. The only way my mother could get me to wear pants was under my dress. If only she knew that would be oh so in vogue years later.

Joslyn said...

Doesn't it seem like all moms think alike? I've used that pants under a dress trick many times with Audrey!