Just Trying to Keep Him at the Top of His Game

I've always envied Bryan’s ability to be completely immersed in a hobby. He tends to learn everything he can about a topic, making him the resident expert among our family and friends on a whole host of topics. Truth be told, I’m also a little jealous of him. He’s pretty good at a lot of stuff -- he can cook, play multiple instruments, garden, paint…his latest obsession…woodworking.

It’s awfully tempting to occasionally get annoyed at his hobbies, say when I’m nursing Millie and mitigating some crisis with Audrey, and he’s experimenting with how to use his lathe in some new and fascinating way. But, he’s been making some really cool stuff lately, so I’m taking a new approach and giving him a wish list of items to make for me under the guise of expanding his woodworking prowess.

A quick Google search on “wood clutches”, and I found this really lovely purse. If he can actually make this, it might be worth a few weeks of “single parenthood.”

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