Fun with Nature

One of the coolest gifts Audrey got for her birthday was from the oft-mentioned Sam. His super-swell mom Ann packaged up all the supplies required to make a terrarium. She wrote out instructions and then numbered each step in separate containers (the rocks, charcoal, soil, plants, etc…) Thinking of everything, she even included little plastic animals and a gardening apron.

Terrariums featured in Cookie Magazine via Creature Comforts.

We had so much fun assembling it -- audrey was especially fond of the part where she got to dig around in the potting soil (not part of the official terrarium making instructions, but it sweetened the deal for her considerably.) A few days later, I got the new Cookie Magazine in the mail, and lo and behold they had an entire spread on making terrariums -- that Ann is always ahead of the curve. We’ve got terrarium fever now and inspired by the very groovy ones in Cookie, we’re working on a few more for around the house.

Side Note – Definitely steal this idea it was a genius birthday present!

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