The Art of Living with Less

Handmade brushes and tools from the shop Iris Hantverk via March 2007 House and Garden. From Iris Hantverk's site:

"Today, visually impaired craftsmen attach each individual bundle of bristles to the base of the brush with their steady hands, just like they used to in the 19th century. The result? Beautiful, functional and much coveted brushes which also help make everyday life that little brighter."

I’m in major de-cluttering mode lately (who am I kidding, I’m always in de-cluttering mode), but there’s something about this time of year that sends me into overdrive -- going through drawers and closets, creating bags for goodwill, weeding out clothes that no longer fit the girls, etc… I generally don’t have a hard time getting rid of stuff ; I’m not overly sentimental, although I do have some items I would never get rid of.

I found this in Real Simple a while back (it was sent in by a reader), and while it’s a little extreme, it’s a nice touchstone for me when I’m on the fence about whether to keep something or pass it on to someone else.

"Every item you possess has its own function, whether practical or sentimental, so it’s important that each has its proper place. Keep only the most meaningful and useful things – it’s distracting when every surface is covered with objects. Prioritize what you really need, then think about each object’s purpose and respectfully honor its plate in your home."


Jessica @ Little Nesting Doll said...

Oh, I love the idea of this. I am trying to work toward this in my home, but its HARD.

Kim said...

Before putting our house on the market in May, we chucked half of our furniture and stuff and put a lot of things we still felt we'd need longer term into storage. Three months later I am not entirely sure what is in that storage room, but I can tell you this... we clearly don't need any of it!

So AMEN to de-cluttering our lives!!!

Joslyn said...

Kim, we did the same thing when we sold our house last year. I purposefully kept it in storage for a few months after we moved into the new house, and when we finally got it all out, we ended up getting rid of almost everything...it was incredible ;-)