Our House

My family moved 13 times before I graduated high school, and since moving to Dallas nine years ago, I’ve lived in another four houses. Due to both desiring something different for the girls than my own gypsy upbringing and the amount of work we did to the house before moving in (let’s just say it was a little Brady Bunch meets Boogie Nights when we first saw it), when we bought our house last year, I felt pretty certain it would be our home for quite a while.

All this moving around, has made me pretty adept at quickly making a place feel like home. I’m not very good at letting a house evolve over time, so I find myself getting impatient that there are still so many looming house projects that we’ve put aside due to more pressing activities.

Well, there’s nothing like having pictures of your house on someone else’s blog to kick you into gear. Gabrielle over at Design Mom wanted to do a house tour of our place, so I spruced things up a bit this weekend and started looking at the house with a new perspective…trying to seek out things that might be interesting to other folks that might not seem as fresh to me after living amidst them. It was actually a fun exercise and made me appreciate my house in new ways. Thanks Gabrielle.

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