And So Began My Love of Peppermint

My favorite place to stay is the Hotel San Jose in Austin. Everything about the place, the rooms, the garden and pool, the patio, the lobby... manages to be really spare and simple yet incredibly cozy and comfortable. I’d love to build a house one day completely based on this place (without the seedy motor court history.)

When we were staying there a few years ago, fueled on their sangria, I became obsessed with the amazing scent of in the lobby. Of course it could have been coming from the large quantity of fruit they were chopping for the aforementioned Sangria, but it was a little more than fruity and definitely not of the candle or scented spray variety. Turns out they had just decanted Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap into the dispensers in the restrooms. Of course it was something that simple…

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cotedetexas said...

HI, That's our favorite hotel too. We always are conflicted to stay there or the Four seasons. Since San Jose is usually booked, we spend more time at the Four Seasons! Love your blog!!!!!!!!