What Inspires You?

A peek at the mess behind my desk...

I've mentioned my obsession with the creative process before. For me, the ultimate in voyeurism is taking a peek at someone else's inspiration board.

Design for Mankind has devoted their monthly e-zine to the topic of inspiration. The most recent issue is chock full of boards and the corresponding lists of what gets the creative juices flowing for several artists, designers, bloggers, etc...

Some favorites... (All images via Design for Mankind.)

MARIA FE -- Graphic Artist, Blogger

SOFIA BARAO -- Artist, Designer

CORI KINDRED -- Artist/Blogger/Shoppe Owner

So, if you're willing to share, I'd love to know...what inspires you?


layersofmeaning said...

thank you! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! I really love your blog.
This was my inspiration board for a stand proyect.


and this was the result: